KNX Award 2016: Bering AG wins with Züblin detectors

KNX Award 2016: Bering AG wins with Züblin detectors
23. May 2016 admin

Am internationalen KNX Award 2016, verliehen am 20. April 2016 an der «Light+Building» in Frankfurt, gehört die Bering AG aus Bern mit dem Projekt «Feuerwehrstützpunkt Forsthaus West Bern» zu den Gewinnern. Wir gratulieren und freuen uns über den erfolgreichen Einsatz des Züblin Swiss Garde 360 Präsenz KNX/KLR.

When in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, the fire brigade is forced to go into action, KNX has already done its job. In the new fire station Forsthaus West-Bern an alarm automatically triggers a predefined sequence of switching operations, which help to support a quick action: the alarm lighting in corridors, dormitories and common rooms is activated, KNX push buttons are flashing red, loudspeakers inform about the intervention and the doors of the vehicle depot are opened. In total 620 KNX devices control lighting and shading, monitor faults and manage the car park. This special application left such a good impression at the jury that it conferred the Special Award to the system integrator Bering AG, Bern.

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