Sensor-controlled lighting for offices
  • DALI or KNX detectors

Sensor-controlled lighting for offices

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For smaller and medium-size offices, adequate coverage of all work surfaces is essential for proper detector function.


For smaller and mid-sized offices, detectors ensure adequate lighting coverage of all work surfaces. The optimal set-up is to use detectors in a master/slave configuration (1 detector per two workplaces). Choose the Swiss Garde 360 Presence Master for lights only (on and off). For control of ventilation, as well as lighting, try The Swiss Garde 360 Presence 2 Channels.

Are the offices connected to a building control system or a bus system? The the Swiss Garde 360 Presence DALI Master Comfort or the Swiss Garde 360 Presence KNX/KLR 4 Channels are your best option. The biggest advantage of the KNX and DALI devices is in ensuring constant lighting for multiple zones in a room. This creates even lighting across all work areas and adapts to natural sunlight in the room for maximum energy savings.



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