Smart sensor lighting for cold storage
  • High Bay Lumiqs

Smart sensor lighting for cold storage

Connected lighting Sensor-controlled lighting


At minus temperatures, working inside cold storage is limited to short periods. A sensor controlled lighting system offers high energy savings potential. Lumiqs components are designed to operate reliably in this environment, as low as -40 °C.


Often only the main corridor of high-shelving storage requires continuous light. Between shelves corridors should switch only when needed. To control both areas, our LED hall light Lumiqs M provides energy-efficient, dynamic and static lighting. Individually-adjustable modules give a flexible lighting of shelves and walkways. And Lumiq modules give you up to 85% savings in energy costs compared to traditional LED lighting systems.

Also available now: Lumiqs S. Like the Lumiqs M, light groups are dynamically spaced for even work-area lighting. The main benefits are maximum energy efficiency and increased user comfort. The Lumiqs S also have the on-board ‘Movement Test’ for quick module assimilation.