Swiss Garde 360 DALI Master A-Comfort EnOcean AP, 24m

Item no.: 41781


Surface-mounted presence detector Swiss Garde 360 Présence DALI Master A-Confort EnOcean AP, 24 m


• Can be combined with EnOcean single / double push-buttons from common switch manufacturers
• Ideal for DALI applications in offices, class rooms, meeting rooms etc.
• Control of up to 4 lighting zones with minimum wiring thanks to the addressable DALI protocol for all devices (Master, Slave, ballasts, push-buttons)
• Lighting zones configurable for constant lighting control, ON/OFF operation or HVAC
• Master / Slave operation (up to 10 Slave devices)
• Integrated DALI power supply (max. 200 mA)
• Use of up to 3 conventional 230 V push-buttons
• Integrated high power relay for conventional loads or HVAC
• Minimum configuration complexity as Slave devices, ballasts and push-buttons are detected automatically
• Plug & play owing to the automatic measurement of active zones with constant lighting control
• Up to 4 light scenes
• IP54 splash water protection